Click-Fraud Protection

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ClickArmour will monitor your PPC clicks with advanced machine learning algorithms. Separate real potential customers from fraudsters and bots that want to deplete your budget.

we protect your Adsense ad units

from what you can't control

ClickArmour Load Your Adsense Ad units for qualified users only using our powerful system features
fully automated ad unit protection.

Ad click limiting

If a visitor clicks on an Ad too many times, Google tags the clicks as invalid. If there are too many of such clicks, Google will make deductions from your Ad Revenue. We prevent 'em!

Max click rate (per minute)

If the user clicks at faster rate than what specified here, they will be blocked from seeing Ads.

IP Blocking

Blocked IPs are prevented from loading any kind of Adsense code.
Please note that Adprotect doesn't restcitct any access to website only Ads are blocked.

Limit page views

If a visitor visits or refreshes the page too many times, Google records these as downloaded Ad impressions. To prevent Google from recording this as invalid traffic and impacting your Ad revenue, ClickArmour blocks that particular IP from loading any kind of Ads.

Max Pageviews rate (per minute)

Prevents the visitor from quickly navigating your website and harming the Adsense.
If visitor is requesting pages faster than what defined here, they will be blocked from seeing any Ads.

Blacklist Referrer Domains

Referrer domain is basically the address of a webpage that led a visitor to your page. You can select Referrer domains to permanently blacklist.

Blacklist Countries

Permanently ban all the IPs belonging to a particular country. Leave it empty if you want to allow all the countries.

Block These Devices

The listed devices will be blocked to load Ads on your website. Leave it empty if you don't want any filter.

Filter proxy traffic

Block Traffic from proxy servers that might harm your Adsense.

Delay Ad loading by seconds

Delay ad loading by given seconds to prevent harming your Ad by users who bounce too quickly. Leave it empty if you don't want any delay.

Filter bots using robot.txt

A robots.txt setups a honeypot to lure and trap the spam bots. This doesn't affect the search engine crawlers or harm your SEO.


Only minutes spent configuring our rules result in thousands saved from being wasted by bad actors. Once configured, ClickArmour fully automates detection, protection and reporting, while optimizing your campaigns for maximum performance.

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ClickArmour monitors your Google Ads to identify and classify clicks from competitors, bots, click farms and fraudulent networks. Clicks are tracked and analyzed in real-time providing you with actionable forensic data you can use to focus your advertising efforts to clicks that will result in conversion

  • Real-time reporting
  • Click source identification
  • Post-click analysis
  • Full forensic insight


It is very easy to use, and very very functional. You only insert your domain, your own rules to filter the users, and "Walla!" it's done and working.